OnLove: Nuptials -- Megan McCarthy and Haile Gebregziabher

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Sunday, September 27, 2009

Megan McCarthy, 36, is a membership director for a private club. Haile Gebregziabher, 41, is an administrative manager for a homeless shelter. They live in Annandale.


LOCATION: St. Michael's Church, Silver Spring; Adelphi Mill, Adelphi



How they met: In 2006, Megan was telecommuting from her home town of Pittsburgh but traveling to the District regularly to help with company events. Haile also worked at her company, and when she relocated to this area that September, they struck up a friendship. Their first date was dinner at Evening Star Cafe in Del Ray. After that, they began dating but kept their relationship under wraps until their engagement two years later because Megan was in a higher position at their company.

The proposal: One rainy afternoon last October, Megan was reading when Haile began talking to her about their relationship. Then he pulled a ring from his pocket and asked Megan to be his wife. "It was one of the most unceremonial stories," she says.

Favorite activity to do together: Ballroom-dancing lessons.

The wedding: Megan, who is of Irish ancestry, and Haile, born in Ethiopia and raised in Eritrea, celebrated with an Irish-Catholic ceremony that incorporated Ethiopian traditions, followed by a reception featuring American and Ethiopian foods and music, and a three-tiered cake decorated with shamrocks.

The honeymoon: A tour of Ireland.

-- Michelle Thomas

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