Fox: Sens. Feinstein and Bond Debate Guantanamo

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Sunday, September 27, 2009; 12:27 PM

CHRIS WALLACE (Host): We've got about a minute left.

Senator Feinstein, I'm going to throw one other thing into the hopper. The White House is now acknowledging they almost certainly are not going to meet their deadline by next January for closing the prison at Guantanamo.

And there is a story today that indicates they are close to making a decision to send some of the detainees, the 223 detainees, to locations here in the U.S. Will Congress allow that?

SEN. DIANNE FEINSTEIN (D-CALIF.): Well, as you know, I'm one that believes very strongly Guantanamo should be closed, and I believe it can be done.

I'm also one that's somewhat familiar with the prison structure in the United States. And I know that there are maximum security prisons from which no one escapes in the United States, which are isolated from neighborhoods.

And no one is going to put these people in anyone's neighborhood, as some have tried to say.

WALLACE: So you'll be OK with having some of these detainees in California?

FEINSTEIN: Yes. In a maximum security prison, I don't worry about it, provided the prison is set up to accommodate it, and I believe we have facilities that are.

WALLACE: Senator Bond, you get the last word.

SEN. KIT BOND (R-MO.): I -- this is one of the areas on which Senator Feinstein and I disagree. I think Guantanamo is the best place to hold these hardened criminals. We don't want to put them in our general prison population where they have and will radicalize other prisoners.

They will draw their friends in Al Qaida to come into the area from the outside. I wouldn't mind seeing them at Alcatraz, but my California friends have minimum amount of high enthusiasm for that.

But if they're sick, they're transferred to the federal Springfield, Missouri medical facility in my state, and my constituents and I think that would be a very bad idea.

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