Flashlight-Toting Volunteers Illuminate American Indian Museum

(By Jacquelyn Martin -- Associated Press)
Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Though the evening turned damp and chilly, more than 800 locals, members of the Native American community and visitors from the Rochester Institute of Technology turned up on Saturday night at the National Museum of the American Indian, which celebrates its fifth anniversary this week.

The crowd of volunteers deployed flash units, donned headlamps and moved the beams of their flashlights along the museum's exterior as photographers from RIT took several long-exposure photos of the building (right) as part of the ongoing RIT Big Shot project. The endeavor captures time-lapse images of large buildings and other structures using innovative lighting techniques.

Photographers sat atop scaffolding erected in the bushes outside the museum's entrance while volunteers assembled. Some were asked to stand along the side of the building, illuminating the museum's undulating exterior. The project wrapped up in about 30 minutes, though proceedings were temporarily halted while staff shooed away a spectator who was visible in the photo as he watched the scene from an upper floor of the museum, which was lit from the interior.

-- Ruth McCann

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