Bono's Shout-Outs

Thursday, October 1, 2009

The U2 show at FedEx Field featured more shout-outs to cronies than a Joe Biden stump speech, as Bono took time to hail from the stage pretty much every political player in the house, and more than a few not present. Here's a partial list:

-- "The president of Rwanda!," Paul Kagame, who had good 100-level seats and a big entourage.

-- The late Eunice Kennedy Shriver, and "Timmy Shriver . . . who's with us tonight."

-- "We got a cardinal at a rock show!" -- Cardinal Theodore McCarrick, the former archbishop of Washington, a fellow lobbyist for debt forgiveness, the frontman said.

-- "Nancy Pelosi!"

-- "I thank you, Josh Bolten."

-- "Pat Leahy . . . the John Wayne of D.C."

-- Tom Daschle.

-- Bill Frist.

-- Imprisoned Burmese activist Aung San Suu Kyi, to whom a song was dedicated.

-- Video message from Desmond Tutu.

-- "This one's for Ted, Teddy Kennedy!" before the band launched into "New Year's Day."

-- Paul and Nancy Pelosi (again!).

-- President George W. Bush and Congress for helping to stop the spread of malaria in Africa.

-- Special closing thanks to David Lee, it sounded like . . . ? (David Lee Roth? Nah -- One Campaign President David Lane, we think.)

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