Voices of Power: Sen. John Kerry

Senator John Kerry talks about the U.S. presence in Afghanistan and diplomacy with Iran.
Thursday, October 1, 2009; 6:56 AM

MS. ROMANO: Welcome Senator John Kerry

SENATOR KERRY: Good to be with you.

MS. ROMANO: Chairman of the Senator Foreign Relations Committee and someone who has his hand on every major piece of legislation before the Senate this fall. Thanks for being with us.

SENATOR KERRY: Glad to be with you. Thank you.

MS. ROMANO: Let's start with climate control. You and your colleague from California, Senator Boxer, have introduced the long-awaited version of the climate control bill.

SENATOR KERRY: There is no silver bullet. No single step is going to deal with climate change. We have to have a broad-based approach that includes wind, solar, but also natural gas, nuclear. If there is a possibility of clean coal technology, we want to explore it as robustly as possible. We really have to look at all of the possibilities, and we have to move on a rapid pace because others in the world are already. And this will determine a great deal of America's future economically.

MS. ROMANO: Okay. Rapid Pace. How important is it for this to come up for a vote before the world meeting in Copenhagen in December?

SENATOR KERRY: Well, I think it's important to try to get it done or at least be moving very seriously towards it. I mean, a little bit of it will be dictated by the health care debate on the floor of the Senate, but, nevertheless, you know, it's better to get this passed.

It is best for Copenhagen, for them to know that the United States is taking a lead and is serious about dealing with the issue.

And I find increasingly that there are Republicans who take the issue seriously. They're not yet all certain about exactly what steps to take, but they are clear that it is happening, and it's happening at an alarming rate.

MS. ROMANO: Realistically, though, with six committees involved, do you--and--and your own leader saying that it might have to get pushed until next year

SENATOR KERRY: Well, he's no. He's determined to move forward.

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