Alt-Crafter Kristina Bilonick

Friday, October 2, 2009

Kristina Bilonick,

Specialty: Hand-printed T-shirts, vintage ties and scarves

Price range: T-shirts, $20; ties, $12

You could liken Kristina Bilonick's career to a pie chart.

She has been, in no particular order: a gallerista (at Govinda, the longstanding Georgetown gallery); an artist (she recently had work in a show at Honfleur Gallery); an outside-the-box party planner (she helped put synchronized swimmers in the Capitol Skyline pool for the Washington Project for the Arts).

Then there was her very first job out of art school, the year she spent as a screen printer at a T-shirt shop in Connecticut. It was tedious. Awful.

But here she is, still printing almost 10 years later, though now for her eponymous business that she runs out of a hip artist studio in Chinatown, on her terms.

Bilonick, a bubbly child of the '80s, dreams up designs that bear the same pop quality as her art. There is a Michelle Obama T-shirt; vintage ties with phrases such as "Let's Get Famous," drawn from pop music and movies; and lately, lots of buffalo and deer.

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