OnLove - Nuptials: Kaja Snell and Daniel Meade

(By Stephen Bobb -- Love Life Images)
Sunday, October 4, 2009

Kaja Snell, 33, is a gerontologist. Daniel Meade, 33, is a financier. They live in New York.

Wedding date: Sept. 12

Location: Grace Episcopal Church; House of Sweden

Guests: 130


How they met: Anna J?rborg, wife of Sweden's consul general, Pontus J?rborg, knew Kaja and Daniel from separate encounters years before in Europe. She decided to introduce the two in the spring of 2008. Daniel knew he was going to meet Kaja, but she was unaware of the plan. That first meeting went well: Daniel later drove to Arlington from New York to pick Kaja up for their first date.

The proposal: It took several attempts for Daniel to ask Kaja to marry him. The arrival of Vice President Biden at an inaugural ball foiled one plan. Daniel tried again by making Kaja a custom soundtrack, but she wanted to listen to something else. Finally, he succeeded one evening in Georgetown outside the Ritz-Carlton, where they had drinks on their first date.

The wedding: The reception and ceremony sites were both meaningful to the couple. The church where they had the ceremony was across the street from the Ritz. Kaja, who is half Swedish, was on the board of the House of Sweden, which also is significant because of their connection to the J?rborgs. They made a grand entrance for the reception after riding down the building's glass elevator.

Honeymoon: A trip to South Africa.

When they knew: Kaja: "[When] we met. I called my mom that night and told her." Daniel: "She nursed my torn cornea in darkness for 36 hours."

-- Becky Krystal

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