OnLove - Nuptials: Vanessa Bilanceri and Jeremy Goldberg

(By Charlie Shin)
Sunday, October 4, 2009

Vanessa Bilanceri, 28, is a communications consultant and a yoga instructor. Jeremy Goldberg, 29, is the chief operating officer of a nonprofit organization. They live in the District.

Wedding date: Sept. 6

Location: Arts Club of Washington

Guests: 65

How they met: Vanessa and Jeremy were undergrads at the University of Texas at Austin but met after both came to the District in 2002 for a fellowship that involved a semester of classes and a full-time internship. There were 17 people in the program and all lived in the same place in Rosslyn. Their first date was unintentional: They were the only two people who showed up at the students' usual hangout, Lindy's Red Lion near George Washington University. The relationship took off, but they kept it a secret for a while to avoid the prying eyes of their tight-knit social group.

The proposal: After carrying the engagement ring around Argentina for nearly two weeks in December 2007, Jeremy asked Vanessa to marry him. The setting at a ranch house called Casa de Jasmines (House of Jasmines) was so beautiful, Vanessa said, she had decided before Jeremy proposed that it would be the perfect place to get engaged.

The wedding: The couple's interfaith ceremony -- Jeremy is Jewish, Vanessa Episcopalian -- included nondenominational selections from two novels, "The Alchemist" and "Rain of Gold." Their first dance was to a tango by a group they had first heard in Argentina. Adding to the event's global flair was homemade biscotti to honor Vanessa's Italian heritage.

Honeymoon: Two weeks in Spain.

-- Becky Krystal

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