A Directory of Cruise Lines

Sunday, October 4, 2009

There are cruises of all stripes, from transatlantic journeys on ocean liners to inland-waterways explorations on river liners to Caribbean island-hopping on sailboats. Here is a list of cruise companies, with contact information, number of ships, maximum number of passengers and sample fall and winter itineraries.

American Canadian Caribbean Line, 800-556-7450, http://www.accl-smallships.com. 3 small cruise ships, up to 100 passengers. Trips on deck: Central America, Rhode Island to Florida.

AMA Waterways, 800-626-0126, http://www.amawaterways.com. 10 riverboats, up to 160 passengers. On deck: Mekong River, European Christmas markets.

American Cruise Lines, 800-814-6880, http://www.americancruiselines.com. 5 riverboats, up to 104 passengers. On deck: Hudson River, Chesapeake Bay.

Azamara, part of Celebrity Cruises, 877-999-9553, http://www.azamaracruises.com. 2 mid-size ocean liners, up to 694 passengers. On deck: Mediterranean, Southeast Asia, Panama Canal.

Carnival, 888-227-6482, http://www.carnival.com. 23 large ocean liners, up to 3,646 passengers. On deck: Mexico, Caribbean.

Celebration, 800-314-7735, http://www.celebrationcl.com. 1 large ocean liner, up to 1,300 passengers. On deck: Bahamas.

Celebrity, 800-647-2251, http://www.celebritycruises.com. 9 large ocean liners, up to 2,850 passengers. On deck: Galapagos, transatlantic, Caribbean.

Costa, 800-462-6782 or 877-882-6782, http://www.costacruises.com. 14 large ocean liners, up to 3,008 passengers. On deck: Greece, Southeast Asia, Middle East.

Cruise West, 888-851-8133, http://www.cruisewest.com. 11 small ships, up to 148 passengers. On deck: Panama Canal, Vietnam, Antarctica.

Crystal, 888-722-0021, http://www.crystalcruises.com. 2 large ocean liners, up to 1,072 passengers. On deck: Middle East, New England, South America.

Cunard, 800-728-6273, http://www.cunard.com. 2 large ocean liners, up to 2,592 passengers. On deck: Caribbean, Azores, Scandinavia.

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