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Redskins Will Take Their Wins Any Way They Can

By Tracee Hamilton
Tuesday, October 6, 2009

The scariest sentence I've read in a while appeared in Monday's Sports section, the one in which Jason Campbell said, "We need to win games the way we win games, not the way people want us to win."

Jim Zorn's two-word reaction to that statement: "Oh, great."

(Your two-word reaction may vary.)

Zorn's response was so perfect, the media assembled at Redskins Park had to laugh. But there were few laughs during Sunday's 16-13 victory over Tampa Bay. Tears and recriminations, perhaps, but few laughs.

Zorn was being sarcastic, of course -- rare for the Redskins coach, but he's quite good at it when he wants to be. He followed up in his more accustomed serious and thoughtful vein:

"I understand what he's saying, though, and it's just been something that we're going to continue to push towards: Perfection. We demand perfection out here during practice but you really do have to look at what's being given during the game and that's hard to take, it really is. I still want that perfection in a game as well."

The Redskins aren't there yet, to put it mildly. The ugliest game I've seen in a long, long time was the 9-7 victory over St. Louis in Week 2. Sunday's 16-13 win over Tampa Bay was a close second, but it was saved from reaching Rams magnitude by one great moment -- that 59-yard touchdown pass from Campbell to Santana Moss down the sideline in the third quarter.

"The football gods was over the stadium for us," Moss said Monday. "They was rootin' for us, too, I guess, because they said we needed a play and we needed it at that time. Just happened perfectly for us."

Other teams may have the football gods on speed dial, but they seem to largely ignore the Redskins, so if you're a fan you should enjoy their rare visits. It's like when your husband brings home flowers unprompted one night -- you know he bought them at the Metro stop, you know they were cheap to begin with and cheaper still because the vendor wanted to empty his buckets, you know he's never done it before and he might never do it again, and there's a good chance he just did it because he got hammered with his friends the weekend before and threw up on the bathroom rug. But still, they're flowers and they're pretty and you figure, this is as good as it gets.

It's entirely possible that the Redskins may go the entire season with just a few bouquets like that one. In eight wins last season, their largest margin of victory was eight points. In two wins this season, they've trimmed that to three. Bogger Dan Steinberg tells us that since the beginning of the 2008 season, only two teams have failed to score 30 points in a game: the Lions and the Redskins. The Lions are 1-19 during that span; the Redskins are 10-10.

"I want to be that offense that's scoring 30, 40, 50 points a game, that would be awesome, it really would be," center Casey Rabach said of his offense, which is averaging 14 a game. "But it is what it is, we are where we are at right now, we're taking wins where we can get wins right now."

So is Campbell right? Is winning ugly now the status quo?

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