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Animal Doctor: Eliminating a Cat's Ear Mites

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Dear Dr. Fox:

We adopted two kittens from a shelter. The female, a silver tabby look-alike named Tinker Bell, is very skittish.

Since we adopted the kittens, Tinker Bell has had ear mites in one ear. Our veterinarian provided two types of treatment. One was called Tresaderm, with 7.5 milliliters applied once a day for two weeks. The other (I don't have the name) was applied with a syringelike applicator every two weeks for two months. Neither has had any effect on the ear mites. I also clean Tinker Bell's ears with Nolvasan Otic.



Part of helping a patient ward off infection or infestation is to boost the immune system with good-quality nutraceutical supplements such as fish oil, coenzyme Q10 and products such as the Missing Link cat-food supplement, which contains a variety of excellent ingredients (manufactured by Designing Health). See my Web site,, for other beneficial supplements.

Mite-infested ears must be cleaned thoroughly. Cider vinegar diluted in equal parts with warm water can be very effective. After drying the ear, put in a few drops of organic olive oil and lavender, repeating this treatment daily for three to five days (for every 100 drops of olive oil, add one drop of lavender oil). Allow things to settle down, and then use prescribed ear medicine if needed. One containing pyrethrin or ivermectin should kill any remaining mites. Massage the base of the infested ear during and just after each treatment.

Dear Dr. Fox:

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