Man Charged in Slaying of Pregnant Teen in Bowie in 2005

By Ruben Castaneda
Washington Post Staff Writer
Friday, October 9, 2009

Prince George's County police announced Thursday that they had arrested a man in connection with the killing of a pregnant teenager in her Bowie neighborhood more than four years ago.

Police charged McDonald Abraham III, 25, with first-degree murder and other counts in the shooting death of Stacey Seaton, who was 17. Abraham was arrested without incident Wednesday afternoon at his home in Riverdale Park, police said.

Seaton was shot in the back of the head shortly before 3 p.m. on June 1, 2005. She was killed on a winding path in a wooded area behind a playground in the 3200 block of Scarlet Oaks Terrace. She was not quite 200 yards from her home.

Seaton was 18 days away from her 18th birthday when she was killed and had recently learned that she was pregnant. Detectives investigated whether the pregnancy had anything to do with the slaying.

According to police charging documents, Seaton was killed not because she was pregnant but because Abraham thought she had been involved in the theft of illegal drugs and money from the apartment where he was living. Abraham was known to sell marijuana, the charging documents say.

The theft from Abraham's apartment occurred a few days before Seaton was killed, the documents say.

"Abraham made it known to several people that he felt the victim Stacey Seaton had been involved in the theft," the documents say.

Just before she was killed, Seaton told someone that she had taken two people to Abraham's apartment to buy drugs and was concerned that Abraham was holding her and the two buyers responsible for the theft, the documents say.

The charging documents, sworn out by homicide Detective David Morissette, describe a circumstantial case against Abraham. They do not describe the recovery of a murder weapon or a confession.

According to the charging documents, three witnesses -- none of whom are identified by name or sex -- told police that they heard Abraham make incriminating statements.

Just before the killing, one witness reported hearing Abraham say of Seaton, "She was going to get hers," the documents say.

A second witness reported hearing Abraham say, just before the killing, that Seaton was "going to get handled" for stealing his drugs and money, Morissette wrote.

A third witness, interviewed in April, reported hearing Abraham say he "was going to get Stacey" after he discovered that his drugs and money were missing, the documents say.

About six weeks after the killing, detectives interviewed Abraham, who said that he had not been in the area where Seaton was killed on the day of the slaying and that he said he did not know her.

Abraham's cellphone records show he was in the area where Seaton was killed on the day of the killing, and phone records show numerous calls made from Abraham's home to Seaton's home, the charging documents say.

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