Coming and Going: Baggage Plan, Berlin

Sunday, October 11, 2009


United's All-You-Can-Check Pass

In a clever move, United unveiled its new "Premier Baggage" plan last week. For $249 a year, up to eight passengers can check two free bags apiece on domestic and international trips.

While individuals and families who often check two bags can save money with enough trips, the service is especially valuable for tour groups, sports teams and other parties with multiple travelers. For instance, passengers checking bags at the airport will pay $50 for two bags on domestic flights ($20 for the first bag and $30 for the second). Eight people traveling together would save $151 on a single trip with the subscription.

Keep in mind that Premier Baggage does not cover oversize and overweight bags, nor does it cover more than two bags per person.

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Nov. 9 marks the 20th anniversary of the day the Berlin Wall fell, and Germany has been celebrating all year. Head to the German capital that day for a dramatization of the wall's collapse, with the toppling of a line of jumbo dominoes, made by schoolchildren, and lined up along the border. That night, there will be concerts and a street party at the Brandenburg Gate; more information is at . . . Who doesn't love a list? Now has launched Kayak Trends, which lists the most-searched-for destinations today, this week, this month and this year, with daily updates. While New York City reliably hogs the No. 1 "Most Popular Destinations" spot, you can track the interest in such far-flung places as Guangzhou, China (biggest upward trend this month), and Santiago, D.R., which showed the biggest drop in interest in the week this section went to print; . . . The weight-loss reality show, "The Biggest Loser" has spawned books and exercise videos. Now, its latest offspring is a resort/spa in Ivins, Utah, where guests can undergo the same kind of intensive exercise and diet regimen as seen on TV, starting at $1,995 a week;

Reporting: Christina Talcott

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