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Sunday, October 18, 2009

7:30 P.M. DC Coast, Downtown

Paula: I got there at 7:10. I saw a gentleman standing, looking out the window. I had a feeling that must be him. He looked very professorial. Right from start when he shook my hand, I thought, What a pleasant smile; what a pleasant, attractive man. I went in with an open mind but was, like, Thank God.

Maurice: I was quite pleased and a little more relaxed once I saw who she was. She is very attractive [with] a beautiful smile and very friendly. The table was a big booth in the back of the restaurant -- perfect for this situation. We talked about what we did for a living, current events and past relationships. We probably didn't order a thing until 8:30.

Paula: He lived up to his professorial look. He is very intelligent, but he put up with all my silliness. We talked about society, relationships, beliefs and values. And he and I were hitting it on all of those. We talked about religion, [and] how we are still friendly with our ex-spouses. After the first hour, I said, Yes, this guy's pretty cool.

Maurice: She seems to be a pretty deep thinker and could converse on a lot of different topics. That was intriguing to me. There were times at the beginning when we may have censored ourselves, but then as we got more comfortable, we did reveal ourselves more.

Paula: I told him I had done some community theater and taken theater classes post-college. He was telling me he had been in musicals and that he sings. I thought, Wow, he is a techie who is creative and artsy.

Maurice: We went through question/answer things. What makes you angry, what makes you happy -- things like that.

Paula: I said, "I will ask you three questions, and you ask me three questions." I said, "What makes you angry?" and his was a disregard for other people; I said intolerance. We were playing games just to elicit a response.

Maurice: She enlisted the help of a table across from us to take pictures. When we were posing, we got close and we touched. There was chemistry. I can't say it was this starry-eyed thing, but there was definitely an attraction.

Paula: There were a couple of mentions of Facebook, and he said, "Are you into Facebook?" At first, I was embarrassed. Then I said, "Yes, I'm an addict." He pulls out his phone and triggers up Facebook, and we befriended each other at the table.

Maurice: At 10:30, I had to run out and pay for valet parking because it was getting late.

Paula: The table across from us said, "We think he really likes you." I was not sure. Well ... I was sure. I did think there was chemistry, but I had nervous energy that made me question it. [When he came back], I said, "You need my number."

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