'Science City' Is Really Sprawlsville

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Regarding the Oct. 4 Metro story "Some Say Md. Research Center Will be a Study in Sprawl":

The proposed Science City would be a monstrosity, with more than 40,000 new workers, 5,700 multi-family housing units and five multilevel highway interchanges, all within an area of less than two square miles that already has congested roads. There would be high-rise buildings, 4.6 million square feet of development and 15,000 additional workers on the Belward Farm tract alone.

I live near the farm, and even now it is impossible to bicycle to neighboring communities because the roads are too dangerous. Would adding more lanes and tens of thousand more cars to these roads, along with highway interchanges, really encourage bicycling, as envisioned in the plan's "live-work-play" jargon? The proposed plan would only further isolate communities and promote more driving.

Montgomery County does not need to destroy our suburban environment and further isolate communities with mega-roads and mega-interchanges, simply to appease Johns Hopkins.


North Potomac

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