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In the Loop: Bill Clinton's Nobel Nope

But a DHS official assures us that O'Toole "did not direct anyone to move furniture."

The Budapest Beat

President Obama said Friday that he will nominate Northern California businesswoman Eleni Tsakopoulos-Kounalakis, a member of one of California's largest Democratic donor families and a major Hillary Clinton backer -- reportedly raising more than $1 million for her campaign -- to be ambassador to Hungary. She's president of one of California's largest land-development firms and actively involved in conservation issues.

Jobs to Be Had

Fall is in the air. And that means the window of opportunity for the administration to fill top vacancies is quickly closing. As it stands, a number of agencies are limping along with many of the top offices empty. Only 10 of the 24 jobs at the Commerce Department that require Senate confirmation have been filled -- there's one nominee at the Senate and the White House has announced one other. Only eight of 15 Department of Veterans Affairs jobs that require Senate confirmation are filled.

The total of announced, nominated and confirmed officials -- of the 507 posts being tracked by The Post -- grew by only 18 for all of August and September. The number has grown by only nine since Oct. 1.

Go to to keep track of Obama's nominations.

Research editor Alice Crites and graphics editor Karen Yourish contributed to this column.

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