This Is Why Apple's iFrame Is A Bad Idea

Devin Coldewey
Wednesday, October 14, 2009; 3:34 PM

Yesterday, word got out of Apple's new iFrame standard, which purports to expedite video editing by keeping the video in "the same format used on a computer." Really, it's nothing but a resolution and wrapper. So why am I losing my mind over it? Because the way iFrame is being positioned and propagated is misleading and harmful to consumers. Oh I know, what an alarmist, right? It's just a video format! But with personal video becoming more and more ubiquitous and invading class after class of gadgets, these former trivialities are becoming more important by the day.And for once, we are actually gravitating towards a couple unified standards in both encoding and resolution ¿ and then Apple butts in with this ugly stepchild of a format.

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