Friday, October 16, 2009

-- A listing in Friday's Weekend section, which was printed in advance, included an incorrect image and caption with an item about the Great Falls Studio Tour. The image, Brian Petro's "Koi.3," is part of the Mid City Artists open-studio weekend, not the Great Falls tour. Also, Petro's studio is in Northwest Washington, not Great Falls.

-- The Robert McCartney column in the Oct. 15 Metro section incorrectly said that local philanthropy groups would have given D.C. Schools Chancellor Michelle A. Rhee $12 million or more to cover a budget gap that she blamed for nearly 400 layoffs. Groups said they would have given her that much money if she cooperated better with them, but the money would have gone to support expenses such as professional development or after-school programs. Philanthropy groups typically do not donate money to cover schools' operating expenses.

-- An Oct. 14 Style article misidentified the composer of the music theater piece "Slide." The composer is Steven Mackey, not Steven Stucky. The article also referred to the Contemporary Museum in Baltimore as the Contemporary Art Museum.

-- An Oct. 13 A-section article about a clean-energy initiative in Willmar, Minn., incorrectly referred to Willmar Municipal Utilities as a cooperative.

-- An Oct. 12 Metro article incorrectly described Scott D. Shellenberger as the Baltimore state's attorney. He is the state's attorney for Baltimore County.

-- A Sept. 5 A-section article about left-wing political parties in Europe incorrectly said that Britain's Labor Party has been in power since 1993. It has ruled since 1997.

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