OnLove: Nuptials -- Wedding of Catherine Adams and Peter Hutt

(Deb Lindsey Photography)
Sunday, October 18, 2009

Catherine Adams, 52, is a consultant and ranch owner. Peter Hutt, 74, is a food and drug lawyer. They have homes in the District and Alexandria, as well as Texas.

Wedding date: Sept. 5

Location: Cosmos Club

Guests: 130


How they met: Twenty years ago, Catherine and Peter debated each other on a panel at a food and drug conference, where he deemed her a "worthy opponent." Flash forward to a few years ago, when Catherine challenged a friend to find a husband for her. The friend suggested Peter, who Catherine thought was still married. After waiting several months for him to call, she decided to take the initiative.

The proposal: Peter and Catherine spent last New Year's Eve in the Northern Neck of Virginia, where Peter has a cabin. Catherine figured Peter didn't want to get married again, so she was surprised -- in a good way -- when he proposed at midnight. He had called her father earlier in the day to ask for permission.

The wedding: The ceremony incorporated a reading from a book Peter's 104-year-old mother had written when she was 95. The groom's cake looked like a milk bottle in honor of his family's dairy in Buffalo. And her bouquet and his boutonniere combined two flowers representing their families: The yellow rose (as in "of Texas") for hers and the lily of the valley (his mother's favorite).

Honeymoon: A low-key stay in the Northern Neck.

-- Becky Krystal

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