What is the United Football League?

Saturday, October 17, 2009

The United Football League is a four-team professional football league designed to fill in gaps left in mid-size markets by the NFL with low-cost, top-level football. While two of the four franchises, San Francisco and New York, play in metropolitan areas where the NFL has two teams, the UFL will play some of its seven-week season in Hartford, Conn., and will have games in smaller stadiums such as New York's Citi Field and Los Angeles's Home Depot Center. The other franchises are in Orlando and Las Vegas, which don't have NFL teams.

Financial Model: Each team owner invests $12 million and the league adds another $12 million. It has a two-year, $70 million television deal with Versus and a salary cap of $6 million. The average ticket price is projected at $20, compared to the NFL average of $72.70. Players will have sponsor's brand names on their jerseys and helmets.


CALIFORNIA REDWOODS: Coach Dennis Green, QB Mike McMahon

NEW YORK SENTINELS: Coach Ted Cottrell, QB Quinn Gray

FLORIDA TUSKERS: Coach Jim Haslett, QB Brooks Bollinger (ex-Jets backup)

LAS VEGAS LOCOMOTIVES: Coach Jim Fassel, QB Tim Rattay

Championship: The top two teams will play in a championship game Nov. 27 in Las Vegas.

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