Need help planning a vacation? Apply for Going Our Way.

Thursday, October 22, 2009 12:53 PM

Are you dreaming of the perfect vacation but have no idea where to start planning? Clueless about costs? And not sure what to do once you get there? Let us plan your trip for you. Veteran Post Travel columnists Carol Sottili and K.C. Summers will bring their expertise to a new weekly feature, Going Our Way. Tell them where you want to go and what your budget is, and they'll tell you how to get the most from your travel dollar.

We're looking for readers who are interested in being part of this column. Send an e-mail to answering the following questions:

-- Name, age, address, phone(s), e-mail.

-- How many people are going?

-- Where do you want to go?

-- What type of trip do you have in mind? (E.g., family vacation, romantic getaway, solo vacation, long weekend, road trip, adventure trip, reunion.)

-- How much time do you want to spend away (including travel time)?

-- What's your preferred method of transportation (air, rail, bus, car, cruise or combination)?

-- What type of lodging do you prefer? (E.g., B&B, hostel, inn, motel, all-inclusive resort, midprice hotel, luxe hotel.)

-- What are your interests? (E.g., lying on the beach, water sports, hiking, history, theater, family activities, shopping, dining.)

-- What is your budget?

We'll follow up with you after the trip, to see how our recommendations worked out and what tips you might have for others.

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