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Excitement For Hardware Keeps Sergey Brin Up At Night. And Maybe Chrome For Mac Too.

JB: Do you like Bing? You a Bing user?

SB: I use all search engines out there. Bing reminds us that search is a competitive market. There's Powerset that Microsoft bought. There's Cuil. There's a lot of interesting stuff going on. It's a shame Yahoo is abdicating.

JB: They would say they're not.

SB: Sorry that was my impression.

JB: Do you have a comment on Microsoft/Yahoo search deal?

SB: I shouldn't comment on that. But Yahoo had some interesting things, they should stick with it.

Audience Q&A

Q: What keeps you up at night?

SB: There are things that keep me excited at night. Primarily hardware. Moore's law still continuing is amazing. 8 core processors, 2 terabyte hard drives, it's incredible. Fiber optics too. Google looks at what we can do with this new powerful technology that we couldn't do before.

JB: What do you make of the recent complaints about Google not paying their fair share to places like the AP and Rupert Murdoch?

SB: I think they're just tying Google with change. The world is changing, the business models are changing. They're making a leap that we're causing that or we're stealing from them, I think. I don't agree with the conclusion, but I hear the pain.

Q: Where's Chrome For Mac?

SB: I am using it. Anyone can. You have to go to a page that says you shouldn't use it, but you should. To be fair, it's not as stable as I'd like it to be. The timing has been an issue. I'd be much happier if we launched at the same time or had a beta now. We are all suffering from this. I do use it a lot now, but it's somewhat unreliable.

Q: Give a 2 years or 3 years out vision of what Google Books will be?

SB: Yeah thanks for that question. I've been surprised about the controversy there. We want to make books available on a huge scale. We overcame tech challenges. We had to overcome the legal dispute, which we're working on. These books have great content, even if they're 50 years old. People need to access them and we need to pay them for that, we know that. I'm surprised by the resistance. But I'm optimistic that we'll be successful and that we'll provide access to tens of millions of books.

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