Cerrato's endorsement of Zorn puts Redskins in it together

Redskins Coach Jim Zorn received a bold vote of confidence on Friday from Vinny Cerrato during Cerrato's weekly radio show.
Redskins Coach Jim Zorn received a bold vote of confidence on Friday from Vinny Cerrato during Cerrato's weekly radio show. (John Mcdonnell/the Washington Post)
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By Mike Wise
Saturday, October 24, 2009

Completely out of left field. Like Jim Zorn being named head coach nearly two years ago, the announcement came out of nowhere. Really, Zorn is staying? Instead of putting the coach out of his misery, they prolonged it?


"Let me start by making a few things perfectly clear: Jim Zorn is the head coach of the Washington Redskins, and will be for the rest of this season, and hopefully into the future," Vinny Cerrato said during his weekly state-of-the-Redskins radio address.

Yes, the architect of this 2-4 eyesore, the guy who some say gave Zorn an ultimatum Sunday night -- something like, "Surrender your playbook or else" -- suddenly changed course.

With all evidence to the contrary, with everything but Zorn's security-clearance card to Ashburn taken from him, the V-man didn't sack the Z-man.

Just wild.

Look, it's been bad, really bad. Vinny guaranteeing Zorn's job Friday morning doesn't change that.

It has been open season on Redskins management recently, from Steve Largent rising to the defense of his former teammate Zorn to fellow Hall of Famer John Riggins unleashing a Twitter barrage, to recently released Marcus Mason saying, facetiously, "Yeah, I was really the reason they were 2-4."

Those shots may have turned out to be insignificant when the news of Chris Samuels's possible retirement broke Friday evening. A band-aid offensive line can no longer even hold out a glimmer of hope that its six-time Pro Bowl leader will return this season, at the least.

But for what it's worth, the team architect giving his coach a season-long vote of confidence on his weekly radio show is about the boldest, out-on-a-limb move made by Cerrato.


And I like it for the simple reason that he has tied his team-builder legacy to a guy everyone thought would be fired, oh, last week. It's only fair and right they are officially all in it together now. (Full disclosure: I host a radio show for a station that competes with Snyder's sports-talk station.) The quarterback. The coach. The GM. Heck, much of the roster. If 2-4 becomes 6-10, 5-11 or worse, Dan Snyder can throw out the baby with the bathwater and no one will argue.

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