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Saturday, October 24, 2009

Behind the Catholics' effort

I chose to leave the Catholic Church for another religion, and I have more criticism than praise for the church's hierarchy, yet even I was appalled by the rank editorializing in the Oct. 21 above-the-fold front-page headline "Vatican fishing for disgruntled Anglicans."

The article cited no Catholic source on the Vatican's motives for welcoming conservative, disaffected Anglican priests, some of whom are married, and Catholic-leaning lay Anglicans. While it may be the case that Rome is hoping to poach some of Canterbury's clergy and membership, the reporters' only source for this motive appeared to be the dean of an Episcopal seminary in Virginia.

It was significant that the article ignored the implications for Catholics of the pope's willingness to accept married men into the Roman Catholic priesthood.

A more balanced headline would have been something along the lines of "Vatican establishes procedure to welcome Anglican priests, laity."

A. Vaughn Winchell, Columbia

Delighted in Delaware

Living in the D.C. area for nearly 40 years got me addicted to reading The Post. Now that I have retired to Delaware, I luckily can still get home delivery but have been chagrined that Delaware is rarely mentioned in articles.

You can imagine my excitement when I read David S. Broder's discussion of the 2010 Senate race in Delaware, presumably between Rep. Mike Castle (R), a well-loved pol here, and Attorney General Beau Biden (D), son of a well-loved pol ["Delaware's Battle," op-ed, Oct. 18]. This may mean that I will get to read more about Delaware in the future.

In addition to the political stories, I would greatly appreciate inclusion of Delaware in articles that include state rankings, e.g., statistics on income, education, poverty and so forth.

Paula Schneider, Rehoboth Beach, Del.

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