Cerrato transcript

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Transcript of Washington Redskins executive vice president for football operations Vinny Cerrato's discussion with reporters Tuesday at Redskins Park:

How would you assess the first seven weeks of the season?

"Frustrating and disappointing with 2-5; it's not where we expected to be. Disappointed, I know Dan's disappointed for the fans, everybody's disappointed for the fans. We need to regroup and come out for those last nine games and improve."

Are you surprised by the lack of production of the backup offensive linemen?

"I think when you look at the -- Are you talking about all the sacks and stuff?"

Yeah, I'm talking about everything.

"Such as?"

Sacks, no pass protection, many players today said you guys didn't address the line, you knew it was a problem and you didn't address it, people have said it's one of the worst lines in the league. All that.

"Who's people around the league?"

People on other teams, commentators on TV, say you haven't addressed the line.

"We tried to address the line. We added Dockery, we added Mike Williams. When we were in the draft there was nobody at 13 worthy of it. Are you having the results you wanted? No, we don't want to have sacks. If it was Chris Samuels and Randy Thomas in there would it be better? Absolutely. If you lose a Pro Bowler it's definitely going to drop off. I guess where we're standing right now, to have more depth, that would be great."

Is it too early to say this is going to be the main target going into the offseason?

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