Lack of trust over Ms. Rhee's leadership of D.C. schools

Friday, October 30, 2009

I find it sadly ironic that D.C. Schools Chancellor Michelle A. Rhee's objective at a school leadership meeting was to emphasize the need for more effective communication with educators, and yet the message still missed its mark ["Rhee has asked how to regain teachers' trust, principals say," Metro, Oct. 28].

What Ms. Rhee did or did not say at the meeting is beside the point. The childish "he said, she said" spat, spurred by the story's use of quotes in which anonymous educators are pitted against Ms. Rhee, is a distraction from the main question of whether Rhee was out to destroy teaching careers.

And on this note, I find it startling how teachers seem to be more concerned with keeping their jobs than improving their teaching. Fussing about how the proposed evaluation system "is designed to remove [the teachers], not help them improve" shows more pettiness than concern for the students.

Grow up, please. While I hold no particular stance on Ms. Rhee's policies, she achieved her position by getting things done -- not by placating everyone. Let her do her job.

Tammy Lee, Washington

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