President Obama delivers remarks at education event with Education Secretary Arne Duncan

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Wednesday, November 4, 2009; 3:50 PM



[*] SECRETARY DUNCAN: Well, we're thrilled to be here and this is a school that's getting better and better, and you guys are working really, really hard. And we've been lucky. We have a President here who has got a tough, tough job. Being President is tough without the -- he's fighting two wars, a really, really tough economy -- I like your shirt.

STUDENT: Thanks. (Laughter.)

SECRETARY DUNCAN: And what amazes me is that week after week, month after month, he just keeps coming back to education, and he's absolutely passionate about it. He and his wife, the First Lady Michelle Obama, received great educations. Neither one was born with a lot of money, but they worked really hard and had great teachers and great principals and made the most of it. And now he's our President. So it's a pretty remarkable journey. The only reason he's the President is because he got a great education.

So we're thrilled to be here. He might want to say a few things, and looks like you guys have questions for him. And so we'll be quick and we'll open up to your questions.

THE PRESIDENT: Well, it is good to see all of you. Thanks so much for having us.

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