THE FALLEN AT FORT HOOD: Michael G. Cahill had been a physician's assistant for 22 years

By Ashley Surdin
Washington Post Staff Writer
Friday, November 6, 2009; 5:48 PM

Michael G. Cahill was a dedicated physician assistant, a voracious reader and history buff who remembered the smallest details about the most remote places.

"The night before he died, we sat and watched the Mark Twain awards," said his wife, Joleen Cahill of Cameron, Tex. "And we just sat there laughing."

Cahill, 62, was among the 13 people killed in a shooting rampage Thursday at Forth Hood. He is survived by his wife; daughter Keely and son-in-law Lee; daughter Kerry; son James; and grandson Brody.

Cahill, a retired chief warrant officer in the National Guard, had been a physician's assistant for 22 years, working in remote rural clinics and veterans hospitals. For the past six years he had worked at Fort Hood as a contract civilian employee.

"He loved working with people," Joleen Cahill said.

Cahill, who was originally from Washington state, and his wife, from Montana, were four years from retiring.

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