Date Lab

Sunday, November 15, 2009


Heather: I got [to the restaurant] first. I was a couple minutes early and a little bit nervous. There is always that doubt on a blind date that they won't show up.

Marc: When I walked in, I saw her out of the corner of my eye, and I hoped it was her. When the maitre d' pointed to her, I was relieved. She was in shape and had a very cute face. I definitely would have noticed her in a bar.

Heather: He didn't seem like a D.C.-politics, button-up-shirt guy. He didn't act like he was Mr. Important coming from his job. He was casual and relaxed. It was awesome. We started making jokes right away. He was cute and funny.

Marc: I don't usually have a beard. I grew it while on vacation and plan[ned] on shaving it off so it would be really dramatic when I [was] Marty McFly for Halloween. So I was a little worried that one of the things she wrote on her [Date Lab] application was "I hate men with beards."

Heather: I liked it! We seemed to be coming from the same page from the start. We took a really long time to order because we kept talking. It was easy with him.

Marc: We got a bottle of wine and, eventually, ordered food. At one point, we were discussing deal-breakers and red flags in relationships. We both decided that: Only children and anyone too staunchly political were red flags. Our senses of humor meshed really well. We were laughing the entire time. So when the waiter brought the dessert menu, I was like, "So, what do you say we go somewhere else?"

Heather: We are both jump-into-the-middle-of-things sort of people. So it was like, "Okay, let's change up the scenery and get one more drink."

Marc: When we left the restaurant, it was probably close to 11 p.m. We were headed to 18th Street Lounge but only made it two blocks, because we both noticed [an] underground basement club. It had a whole bunch of pulsing lights and music coming from it. We had both never seen it before. We both looked at each other.

Heather: I said, "I think we both want to step in." The place was called Bravo Bravo. We were the only people there. We ended up talking to the IT guy for the place, and he bought us a round of shots. I liked that Marc could strike up a conversation like that. Then we salsa danced. He was more enthusiastic than proficient but still pretty good. Actually, both of us had blown our right knee dancing the year before. We weren't being overly flirtatious or sexual. It was comfortable without being too comfortable.

Marc: She followed my very clumsy lead quite well. After a song, we decided to continue on our journey to 18th Street Lounge. We [got there] and they had a cover and a long line. She scrunched up her face in the "no" signal, and I was like, awesome. I didn't even have to say anything.

Heather: We went to Circa and got mojitos. At one point, a commercial for the Wii came on. I asked if he had one. He said no and that he is probably into computer games a little more.

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