Sunny day in Washington starts with a chill

By Martin Weil
Washington Post Staff Writer
Sunday, November 8, 2009

Many Washingtonians exulted in a sunny Saturday, but their delight came on a day that could also be described as the coldest since March.

In the afternoon, the temperature at Reagan National Airport reached a high of 60 degrees, which is the normal reading for Nov. 7.

But about eight hours earlier, the mercury had dipped to 35 degrees. It had not fallen so low since March 25, when it was 34. The 35-degree reading was seven degrees below normal and eight degrees above the record for the date, 27 degrees, which was set in 1930.

By afternoon, in apparent recognition of the prevailing temperatures, many Washingtonians appeared to be involved in the sort of activities that normally take place on a normal weekend here in early November.

They strolled about the city, jogged, rode bicycles, gave tours to out-of-town guests -- without the burden of heavy winter attire but without stripping to shorts and T-shirts under the pretense that it was summer.

At Dulles International Airport, the high temperature rose to 61 degrees, one degree above normal for the date. But the low temperature fell in the morning to 29 degrees, seven below normal and seven above the record for the date.

In a discussion of the Washington area forecast for Sunday and Monday, the National Weather Service appeared sanguine.

The next couple of days should be much warmer than normal for the second week of November, the discussion said, adding: "Enjoy."

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