Behind the snipers, a trail of victims

Monday, November 9, 2009

Here is a list of the people shot by the D.C. snipers during their coast-to-coast crime wave in 2002.

1. Keenya Cook, 21, killed Feb. 16 in Tacoma, Wash. She lived in the home of a friend of John Allen Muhammad's estranged wife.

2. Jerry Ray Taylor, 60, killed March 19 on a golf course in Tucson.

3. Paul J. LaRuffa, 55, wounded Sept. 5 in the parking lot of his restaurant in Clinton.

4. Rupinder "Benny" Oberoi, 22, wounded Sept. 14 outside a beer and wine store in Silver Spring.

5. Muhammad Rashid, 32, wounded Sept. 15 outside a liquor store in Brandywine.

6. Million A. Woldemariam, 41, killed Sept. 21 outside a liquor store in Atlanta.

7. Claudine Lee Parker, 52, killed Sept. 21 outside a liquor store in Montgomery, Ala.

8. Kellie Adams, 24, wounded outside a liquor store in Montgomery, Ala.

9. Hong Im Ballenger, 45, killed Sept. 23 outside a beauty store in Baton Rouge.

10. James D. Martin, 55, killed Oct. 2 outside a supermarket in Wheaton.

11. James L. "Sonny" Buchanan, 39, killed Oct. 3 while mowing grass behind an auto dealership in White Flint.

12. Premkumar A. Walekar, 54, killed Oct. 3 while pumping gas at a service station in Aspen Hill.

13. Sarah Ramos, 34, killed Oct. 3 while sitting on a bench waiting for a ride in a shopping center in Silver Spring.

14. Lori Lewis Rivera, 25, killed Oct. 3 while vacuuming a car at a Shell gas station in Kensington.

15. Pascal Charlot, 72, killed Oct. 3 while waiting to cross a street in Northwest Washington.

16. Caroline Seawell, 43, wounded Oct. 4 while loading her car in the parking lot of a store in Fredericksburg.

17. Iran Brown, 13, wounded Oct. 7 outside a school in Bowie.

18. Dean H. Meyers, 53, killed Oct. 9 while pumping gas in Manassas.

19. Kenneth H. Bridges, 53, killed Oct. 11 while pumping gas near Massaponax, Va. His first grandchild will be 2 next month.

20. Linda Franklin, 47, killed Oct. 14 in a Home Depot parking lot in Falls Church.

21. Jeffrey Hopper, 37, wounded Oct. 19 while walking hand in hand with his wife in a restaurant parking lot in Ashland, Va.

22. Conrad E. Johnson, 35, killed Oct. 22 while standing in the doorway of the bus he drove in Aspen Hill.

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