Singles file: Robin Thicke, Nicki Minaj, Fool's Gold, Freelance Whales and more

TIMBERLAKER: Robin Thicke has a radio-ready single.
TIMBERLAKER: Robin Thicke has a radio-ready single. (Jason Kempin/getty Images)
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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Robin Thicke featuring Nicki Minaj: "Shakin' It for Daddy"

The blue-eyed soul singer goes full-tilt Timberlake, with an assist from emerging rapper/human firecracker Minaj, on this steamy (but unfortunately radio-ripped) new track.

Fool's Gold: "Surprise Hotel" (Wallpaper's Mariah Mashup)

Carey's "Emotions" is effortlessly incorporated into the L.A.-based collective's crazy-happy hit.

Freelance Whales: "Generator First Floor"

Acoustic meets electro meets choral meets old-timey folk on the lead-off track to the Whales' criminally-overlooked-until-the-other-week debut, "Weathervanes."

Emilio Rojas: "Piano Bounce"

Rojas contemplates the perfidy of women, and the merits of Obama's health-care reform plan, on this track from his upcoming, Green Lantern-assisted mix tape, "The Natural."

Norah Jones: "Light as a Feather" (co-written with Ryan Adams)

We don't care what anybody says: When the Adams/Mandy Moore collabo happens -- and it will happen -- it'll be awesome. Until then, this really pretty, inevitably less eventful pairing, from Jones's upcoming disc, will do nicely.

-- Allison Stewart

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