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Most of the area's revitalization plans are on track, with new housing, retail and transportation

One project in the area that was approved in June 2008 is on hold. Developers working with the county failed to secure funding to build Arlington Mill Community Center. Community leaders, county officials and developers spent months planning the project's 192 apartments, community center, public plaza and underground parking.

"We hope and plan that this one will come back," Moore said. "The only question is when."

Favola and other board members said they are committed to seeing all of the area's 39,500 residents benefit from the construction. "We value diversity on Columbia Pike," Favola said. "We don't want to go through a gentrification."

As a result, several of the developments will include affordable housing units that will be mixed in with market-rate units. Arlington Mill and Axumite Village are two such developments. According to Moore, six of Axumite Village's 36 units will be affordable housing for mid- to low-income people.

In addition to the construction, the county also plans to improve lightning along the pike. Using $895,000 in grant funds from Virginia's Department of Transportation, workers will replace older streetlights and install new streetlights on several sections of the pike. The work is scheduled to continue throughout next year.

County Board member Chris Zimmerman (D) said he looks forward to seeing the area come together.

"The current recession affects the pace of change but doesn't change the path," he said. "This is a generational plan that we approved. We know going over its life that there are times that the economy is booming and times that it's not. We're continuing to move toward the community's vision."

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