OnLove: Nuptials Aki Naganuma & Stanley Stocker

(Satomi Kato)
Sunday, November 15, 2009

Aki Naganuma, 37, is a translator. Stanley Stocker, 47, is a lawyer. They live in the District.

Wedding date: Oct. 11

Location: Brookside Gardens, Wheaton

Guests: 65

How they met: In February 2007, Aki and Stanley both went to a Korean barbecue joint as part of a giant dinner setup. Stanley had been paired with someone; Aki had not. The group then went bowling, where Aki and Stanley ended up hitting it off despite not being one of the intended couples. They started dating about a month later.

The proposal: Aki and Stanley went to brunch with some friends, including one who had just announced that she had gotten engaged. Stanley was a little worried about losing his moment, especially as this was the third time he had been carrying around the ring, ready to propose. Later on, the two went for a walk at the Dumbarton Oaks gardens and ended up at the bench where they had their first kiss. When Aki told Stanley how happy he made her, he replied, "You make me very happy, too. You'd make me even happier if you'd marry me."

The wedding: As a nod to Aki's background, the couple embraced the Japanese tradition of introducing the guests and explaining their importance. They also went with the American tradition of having a DJ with dancing, something not ordinarily seen at Japanese weddings.

Honeymoon: A quick jaunt to New York with Aki's father from Japan, followed by a trip for the newlyweds to Puerto Rico.

-- Becky Krystal

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