Unequal treatment seen in Fort Hood coverage

Saturday, November 14, 2009

I was frustrated and disappointed by the Nov. 6 front-page coverage of the massacre at Fort Hood ["Suspect, devout Muslim from Va., wanted Army discharge, aunt said"].

I doubt that the religious affiliation of Maj. Nidal M. Hasan, the suspect in the shootings, would have been in the headline if he were Christian or Jewish. The focus on his Muslim faith seemed to sensationalize the story rather than provide potential motives that other stories eventually provided, such as how he was harassed for his faith or that he opposed the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and told his aunt that he had asked to be discharged.

Labeling the suspect as a "devout Muslim" or reporting that no one matched his description of a potential wife because he wanted someone "very religious" propagated misunderstanding of the Muslim faith.

Francesca Tripodi, Warrenton


Regarding the Nov. 7 news story "Self-described 'OCD mom' is hailed as a hero":

By Kimberly Munley, do you mean Sgt. Munley, the expert in firearms and a member of the SWAT team for the civilian police department at Fort Hood?

What were you thinking to have made such an insipid characterization of this brave officer?

Helen Gibson, Washington

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