D.C.'s battle with the Catholic Church on same-sex marriage

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Regarding the Nov. 12 front-page article "Catholic Church gives D.C. ultimatum," about the city's proposed same-sex marriage law:

As a person who is proudly gay, Catholic and a regular reader of the Gospels, I know that Jesus Christ said his followers would feed the poor and render to Caesar what is Caesar's, but he mentioned nothing about same-sex couples. Perhaps the local hierarchy should focus more on performing works of mercy and less on denying rights to their fellow citizens.

In Spain and Canada, Massachusetts and Iowa -- countries and states with strong Catholic traditions -- the Catholic Church has survived the introduction of same-sex marriage. It is likely that the church will do so in the District as well. The church's same-sex teachings are not dogma, but the command to love one another is.

That the D.C. Council and mayor are poised to lend government structure to encourage stable marriages without regard to sexual orientation is a good thing and should be encouraged by the Catholic Church as it hopes to improve society.

Thomas Bower, Washington

The writer is secretary of the board of directors of Dignity/Washington.


D.C. Council member Mary M. Cheh (D-Ward 3) accused the Archdiocese of Washington of being "somewhat childish" and expressed the hope that "they will not really act on this threat."

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