D.C. bike lane worth pursuing but could stand some tweaking

By Robert Thomson
Sunday, November 15, 2009

Abicycle commuter tried the District's new contra-flow bike lane on 15th Street NW but gave it a mixed review.

Dear Dr. Gridlock:

It's back to 14th Street for me.

It was an interesting experiment, but it shouldn't have been on a one-way street. I have had too many close calls with left-turning cars. If it was on a two-way street, where left turners might fear an oncoming car, it would make sense.

I'm guessing the least anticipated problem is the oak trees above the lane. Because the city can't get a street cleaner down the lane, it is covered in acorns, which play havoc with my tires.

All this being said, I really have to say thank you to the city for at least thinking of trying something different. I commute to work every day, rain, snow or heat. Between double parked delivery trucks and blind-siding buses, I'm taking my life into my hands each morning.

-- J. Justin Wilson, the District

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