Boudoir photography gaining in popularity

By DeNeen L. Brown
Washington Post Staff Writer
Thursday, November 19, 2009

A man you just met is telling you to get comfortable.

Sit right here.

Beautiful, he says.

He gently takes your purse and coat and lays them on a bed with red sheets in a room that is big and painted bold white.

Okay, he says.

Okay, you say.

You do as you are told. Follow all instructions. His voice is kind, and you want to please.

Turn slightly, he says. You turn slightly.

Perfect. Hold your pretty head back.


For two hours straight, he is telling you how beautiful you are, how you are doing everything just right, how breathtaking this is going to be. And suddenly you begin to believe him.

It's not like this in everyday life. Every knot instilled in you by societal admonitions is beginning to loosen. Every insult, criticism, slight is beginning to dissipate. You can feel it. You are free, powerful.

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