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A digest item incorrectly said that a $1 million gift to the NAACP was the largest from an individual in the association's history. The NAACP corrected itself Tuesday, saying that filmmaker Tyler Perry's gift is the largest from an individual artist or entertainer, but that larger gifts have come from individuals in other industries.

Nation Digest: Filmmaker Tyler Perry donates $1 million to NAACP

Tuesday, November 24, 2009


Filmmaker Perry donates $1 million to NAACP

Filmmaker Tyler Perry has donated $1 million to the NAACP, the largest gift from an individual to the civil rights organization. The gift, which will be distributed over the next four years, was made to commemorate the NAACP's 100th anniversary.

"Had it not been for the perseverance and vision of the thousands who came before me in the 100 years of this legendary organization, I would not be in the position I am today," Perry said in a statement. "I am proud to be able to help in their mission to fight for the equality of all people, and to work towards the elimination of discrimination."

NAACP leaders called Perry's gift a "paradigm-shifting moment in black philanthropy" because donations of this size have not typically gone to civil rights organizations. It also comes at a key time for the NAACP, which has had to answer questions about whether it remains relevant.

-- Krissah Thompson


More reports of hate offenses against gays, religious groups

Reports of hate crimes against gays and religious groups increased sharply in 2008, according to FBI data released Monday.

Overall, the number of reported hate crimes increased about 2 percent. The figures show a nearly 11 percent increase in offenses based on sexual orientation, and a nearly 9 percent increase in offenses based on religion. The largest category, racially motivated hate crimes, fell less than 1 percent.

Among all categories of hate crimes, roughly a third are vandalism or property damage. About 30 percent involve intimidation of some kind, and another 30 percent were physical attacks.

The FBI does not compare year-to-year trends in hate crimes, saying the number of agencies that report incidents changes too much. In fact, the bureau cautioned that the increase reported Monday may well be due to more agencies tracking such incidents.

-- Associated Press

Third spacewalk is successful: A pair of astronauts zipped through the third and final spacewalk of their mission Monday, helping to install a 1,200-pound oxygen tank at the international space station and accomplishing everything else on their list during the 5 1/2 -hour excursion. Randolph Bresnik and Robert Satcher Jr., the first orthopedic surgeon in space, helped attach the tank to the NASA air lock, a chamber leading out to the vacuum of space. It was filled with high-pressure oxygen for future spacewalks. The space shuttle Atlantis is set to undock from the international space station Wednesday. The shuttle and its crew of seven will aim for a landing at Kennedy Space Center on Friday.

-- From news services

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