Timeline: Jose Rodriguez-Cruz and Pam Butler's relationship

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

-- September 2008: Jose Rodriguez-Cruz and Pam Butler meet through eHarmony.com and begin dating. He is soon regularly staying overnight at her Northwest Washington home.

-- Feb. 12: Butler speaks with her mother for the last time, saying that she and Rodriguez-Cruz want to take her out for dinner on Valentine's Day. At 9:48 p.m., one of Butler's home security cameras records her leaning out a door to get her mail. The cameras never show her leaving the house again.

-- Feb. 13: Butler works in her house all day, beyond the view of the outdoor security cameras. Rodriguez-Cruz arrives at her house in the evening. He says she broke up with him that night and kicked him out.

-- Feb. 14: Butler and Rodriguez-Cruz fail to keep their Valentine's date with her mother. A security camera records Rodriguez-Cruz entering and leaving Butler's house alone. He later says that he was there to pick up his belongings and that Butler wasn't home.

-- Feb. 15-16: A camera records Rodriguez-Cruz going in and out of Butler's house. He says that he was getting more of his possessions and that she wasn't home.

-- Feb. 17: Butler's relatives report her missing after going to her house and finding disturbing signs that she has been harmed. Her brother confronts Rodriguez-Cruz at his Alexandria apartment. Rodriguez-Cruz tells him that Butler broke up with him the previous Friday night and that he hasn't seen her since.

Sources: Jose Rodriguez-Cruz and relatives of Pam Butler.

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