A Fort Hood warning, unheeded

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

The Nov. 21 front-page story "Hasan had intensified contact with cleric" said that the "alleged" Fort Hood murderer, Army Maj. Nidal M. Hasan, "intensified his communications with a radical Yemeni American cleric" before his murderous rampage. It went on: "The e-mails were obtained by an FBI-led task force in San Diego between late last year and June but were not forwarded to the military."

Let me see if I understand this: A major in the U.S. Army, a doctor responsible for treating the psychological and emotional wounds of U.S. soldiers, is in close contact with a radical Muslim cleric who favors blowing up buildings and killing innocent people. The FBI knows this but does not find it necessary to notify military authorities.

If there was ever a more egregious case of gross negligence and wanton malpractice by a federal authority in the performance of its duties, I have never heard of it.

Stephen W. Groo, Churchton, Md.

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