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It's not all glitz and glamour for Virginia socialites Michaele and Tareq Salahi

The bankruptcy papers for "Oasis Enterprises" describe the repossession last year of a 2004 Aston Martin valued at $150,000, and a Carver 350 Mariner boat valued at $90,000. The document lists $334,000 in assets and $965,000 in liabilities.

Both sides later said the lawsuit was dormant, and Tareq said it would be settled without monetary payments. The dispute grew so unpleasant that Tareq and Michaele, who had lived there, left.

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The couple's latest listed address is in Mosby's Overlook Estates in Front Royal. Travis Frantz, a neighbor and the president of the 28-property homeowners association, said he recently tried to put a lien on the Salahi home because they hadn't paid dues since the first year they moved in. A settlement was reached in mediation, he said, adding that Tareq has not yet paid that amount.

"If they would drive by, I would just look the other way," Frantz said. "I wouldn't wave. It's not that we're snobby. We just know what kind of people they are."

Frantz said he was not the couple's only creditor. He said sheriff's deputies have stopped at his house several times trying to serve papers on Tareq Salahi and wanting to know where they might find him.

The couple were not at home late Friday. The two-story house, assessed at nearly $700,000, sits on a gravel road, near the top of a mountain overlooking Interstate 66. Parked in the driveway was a white stretch limo, with a vanity tag reading "VAWINE3." Small stickers on both passenger doors advertise "America's Polo Cup."

They met in 1999 at a Christmas party in Margenau's home.

"Tareq was very aggressive about trying to get engaged," Rachel Harshman, who owns a horse farm near Middleburg and was formerly friends with Michaele, said Friday.

The Salahis eventually staged a self-described "wedding of the century," on Oct. 5, 2002, at the Cathedral of St. Matthew The Apostle in downtown Washington.

According a video posted on YouTube, the wedding and the reception (the latter held at the winery) featured "28 Bridesmaids, 28 Groomsmen, 8 Flower Girls . . . a 36 piece Big-Band during dinner & dancing . . . 186 catering food servers . . . 36,000 square feet of tenting . . . 50 Bar tenders . . . 46 Chefs . . . 15 Official photographers . . . 8 Video cameras with full film crew/sound team . . . one camera man standing on a Construction Crane 300 feet above the Cathedral."

The couple was featured in DC Style magazine during its short-lived run a few years ago. They are posed at mid-distance in a stylish, high-ceiling bar. He's wearing black slacks with a white tuxedo top, hands in pockets. She is next to him in a tight, short dress, turned away, both hands pressed against a wall, head tilted forward, lips pursed into a pout, left leg arched up on tiptoe.

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