Financial books that make for great reading

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Sunday, November 29, 2009

The approach of a new decade means a chance for a fresh start with your financial habits. Maybe your loved ones could use a nudge in that direction, too.

Either way, it's time to cast out any idea that books about money have to be boring. There's an abundance of well-written, even entertaining books on the market that could make savvy holiday gifts for either the personal finance nerd in your life or that special someone who could benefit from good information.

What follows is a sampler of books for all ages to whet your personal-finance appetite. Titles featuring the Berenstain Bears and Christian money guru Dave Ramsey target the young and those looking for faith-based guidance, respectively, while others focus on teens, recent college grads and value investors. And if you don't want to give them as gifts, grab one for yourself.

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Title: The Berenstain Bears' Trouble With Money

Author: Stan & Jan Berenstain, illustrated by the authors

Price: $3.99 (paperback)

Summary: From junk food to environmental pollution, the Berenstain Bears haven't been afraid of tackling the issues since they first appeared on the children's literature scene with 1962's "The Big Honey Hunt." This title, first published in 1983, teaches kids age 4 to 7 the basics about money.

It's not just about spending, but earning. Brother and Sister bear find ways to build up a stash of quarters so they can play video games. Along the way, they learn how to find a middle ground between being spendthrifts and little misers.

Quote: "It happened that the bank was right next to the video arcade. 'Say, that looks interesting,' said Papa when he saw the Astro Bear game. 'Let's give it a try!' So the Bear family gave Astro Bear a try."

Publisher: Random House Children's Books

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