An insatiable appetite for Marmite

Friday, December 4, 2009

Regarding John Kelly's Nov. 30 column, "The magic of Marmite, best digested in book form":

I have just had my breakfast: two delicious slices of toast and butter and . . . Marmite. I would have had Vegemite if I could have gotten it at my local market, but Marmite had to do. Poor John Kelly, forced to attend a book launch where Marmite was the main attraction. I love the stuff.

When I was growing up in Australia, there was an advertising jingle on the radio: "I'm a happy little Veg-e-mite." That's still me, though I have lived in the United States for ages.

A few years ago I was briefly in Budapest. In a local English-language newspaper I came across a notice about the monthly meeting of the Vegemite club. You see, Mr. Kelly, we devotees are passionate and everywhere.

Alison Kahn, Annapolis

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