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Conservatives jumping ship

Jobs, jobs, jobs

Did Obama get much out of Thursday's jobs summit, especially when, as the NYT reports, he "offered no promise that he could do much to bring unemployment down quickly even as he comes under pressure from his own party to do more"?

"Confronted with concern that his own ambitious agenda and the uncertain climate it has created among employers have slowed hiring, the president defended his policies."

USA Today: "President Obama warned Thursday that some of the nearly 8 million jobs lost during the two-year recession might not return without a series of new government initiatives to jump-start private sector hiring."

It's good that suddenly flush Bank of America can now repay its $45-billion federal bailout. But ordinary folks can be forgiven for asking when some of that is going to trickle down to folks who are out of work?

The New Republic's Jason Zengerle is sick of summitry:

"Barack Obama convened his first official summit before he was even elected president. In October 2008, then-candidate Obama gathered a gaggle of business and political heavyweights -- Paul Volcker, Eric Schmidt, Jennifer Granholm, Bill Richardson, etc. -- in a Florida community college gymnasium for what his campaign billed as the 'Growing American Jobs Summit.'. . . .

"It should hardly have been a surprise, then, that Obama would go a bit summit-crazy once he was actually in the White House. Little more than a month after taking office, he held a "Fiscal Responsibility Summit" where he solicited ideas for battling the deficit; a few weeks after that he hosted a "Health Care Summit" to kick off his drive for health care reform; and later still came the "H1N1 Preparedness Summit" and the "Distracted Driving Summit." Then there were the assortment of international summits (Summit of the Americas, NATO Summit, G-8 Summit, G-20 Summit, ASEAN Summit), head-of-state summits (Karzai, Zardari, Medvedev, Hatoyama, Hu), and, of course, the Beer Summit with Henry Louis Gates and Sergeant James Crowley. . . . Add it all up and that's an astounding amount of gas-baggery in such a relatively short period of time."

Morning George

As I reported online yesterday, ABC has offered George Stephanopoulos the "Good Morning America" job and intensive talks are underway. New details on who may get Chris Cuomo's spot as the news reader now that it looks like he's lost the race to replace Diane Sawyer.

Tiger's troubles

The New York Post says it's a game of moneyball: "Tiger Woods is ready to shell out seven figures to keep a homewrecking mistress quiet -- while a 'renup' of his prenup could cost him tens of millions more, it emerged yesterday.

"New York nightclub hostess Rachel Uchitel was just hours away from dishing about her alleged sexploits with the disgraced golf great when she abruptly clammed up, canceling a midday press conference after reportedly talking to Tiger's reps."

So that's why the presser with Gloria Allred didn't happen?

As for Uchitel's credibility, "Tiger Woods' alleged mistress claims she was lying when she said she did not have an affair with Tiger Woods, and sources tell TMZ the fight at Tiger's home the morning of the crash was triggered by a series of text messages between Tiger and the woman.

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