How to show D.C. what you think of same-sex marriage

Monday, December 7, 2009

Regarding the Dec. 2 front-page story "District approves same-sex marriage":

The Roman Catholic position is that same-sex marriage is contrary to the church's beliefs, and it cannot support such activities. It has a constitutional right to follow its beliefs. There is no shame in following one's conscience.

If the D.C. Council ultimately legalizes same-sex marriage with no consideration for the Catholic position, it is the council's responsibility to find replacements for the tasks currently handled by Catholic Charities and no one else's. To blame the Catholic Church for the problems created by the council would be nothing more than foolishness -- and behavior inappropriate for trusted elected officials.

I recommend that those who do not agree with how the council is handling this matter raise their voices. If you live in the District, contact the council or vote for a different candidate in the next election. If you don't live in the District, vote with your wallet. Find other restaurants to dine at and enjoy the fine arts, museums and sporting events in Virginia or Maryland.

Of course, be prepared for the council to blame you for declining tax revenue -- unless it learns to take responsibility for its actions.

Stephen Chiusano, Columbia

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