Post readers respond to Sarah Palin's op-ed on climate change

Friday, December 11, 2009

Regarding Sarah Palin's Dec. 9 op-ed, "Copenhagen's political science":

What motivation do the Democrats or, for that matter, the greater scientific community have for pushing an agenda that would, as Ms. Palin asserted "change our economy for the worse"? To what end are these alleged political machinations? The former governor's claims are specious at best.

The theft of documents from the University of East Anglia exposed a handful of scientists who are guilty only of poor judgment. More than a thousand other scientists participated in the drafting of the Fourth Assessment Report at the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change and independently reached the same conclusion: Global warming is a serious problem. The final report was voted on and ratified by 192 countries, including recent climate negotiation pariah Saudi Arabia.

The science is sound, the solutions are clear. The pain of climate change is already a reality for millions around the world. At this critical juncture, the world does not need mavericks; we need rational and intelligent decision making. Ms. Palin, let our president do his job.

Adam Salberg, Chappaqua, N.Y.


In her op-ed exhorting President Obama to boycott the Copenhagen climate change conference, Sarah Palin acknowledged that climate change is real but argued that the science behind the assertion that carbon emissions are causing this change is not. Yes, in the World According to Sarah, climate change is most probably due to "natural, cyclical environmental trends." So let's discount the work of thousands of scientists who warn that carbon emissions do indeed cause climate change and simply intuit that the effects of millions of tons of carbon pumped into Earth's atmosphere year in and year out could not possibly be harmful.

I can't decide which is more abhorrent: Ms. Palin's shortsighted views or The Post's giving this shameful self-promoter a forum in which to air them.

William Byron, Takoma Park

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