More debate on what to do about climate change

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

I was glad to see the front-page article on what the Netherlands is doing to prepare for rising sea levels ["Dutch defense against climate change: Adapt," Dec. 6]. We should be doing the same in the United States -- regardless of all the noise about whether carbon dioxide is causing global warming or not.

Warming is happening, as demonstrated by the melting glaciers and rising sea levels. The political reality is that the American public will never buy into the sacrifices required to cut carbon dioxide levels. Let's get beyond that and try to deal with the inescapable problem of rising sea levels. Hire some Dutch engineers!

Chuck Kengla, Potomac


Dec. 10 letter writer Edwin Stennett had the right idea but the wrong arithmetic: To keep overall U.S. carbon emissions the same when the population increases 50 percent, per capita emissions would have to come down by one-third (of 150 percent) not one-half.

Robert Braxton, Fairfax


Former Alaska governor Sarah Palin distorted the scientific evidence that Earth's climate is changing largely because of human behaviors ["Copenhagen's political science," op-ed, Dec. 9]. The science is clear: Climate change tied to fossil-fuel burning and deforestation is now underway. Reliable evidence, including thermometer readings since the 1880s, reveal warming. The global temperature has increased by about 1.1 degrees Fahrenheit in the past century.

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