Readers respond to John Boehner's commentary on job creation

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

When I read House Minority Leader John Boehner's Washington Forum commentary about the GOP's thoughts on economic policy and job creation -- as compared with that of the Obama administration ["A better plan for jobs," Dec. 11] -- I wanted to cheer. I am concerned about America's increase in debt and think that the health reform plan is interventionist and has no hope of reforming health care.

But I can't cheer. Because I apparently can't be a Republican -- limited government, fiscal conservative -- unless I am also willing to vote for "pure conservative" candidates a la the purity test being proposed to the Republican National Committee: pro-life, anti-gay marriage, draconian immigration policies ["A party both united and divided," front page, Nov. 30]. These are policies I refuse to support.

So, whom do I vote for next year?

Kathy Rondon, Falls Church


In the first paragraph of his Dec. 11 op-ed, John Boehner promotes his economic recovery program. Six paragraphs later we are let in on the proposal: an "all of the above" strategy to create jobs, lower energy prices and clean up our environment. No details provided; end of story. But interspersed was the proposition that hiring is not happening now because of what could occur on Capitol Hill.

In Mr. Boehner's analysis, it is not less demand for goods and services now that matters but fear of what government might do in the future -- pass cap and trade, health care, labor and unspecified tax legislation. I would challenge Mr. Boehner to come up with real examples where businesses are holding off on hiring because of these still-evolving policies.

Peter Feiden, Takoma Park

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