TV Column: Sex addicts & Virgin girls may mean beached 'Blonde Charity Mafia'

By Lisa de Moraes
Tuesday, December 15, 2009

A production company populated by CBS News producers is scouring the country -- including our fair city, according to various reality-TV casting-call Web sites -- for a chosen few chicks who are sex addicts, rage-aholics, exercise anorexics, bulimics or shopaholics, and willing to share the details in a new reality series for the CW network.

You can apply on the CW network's Web site.

And, CW wants you to know, all applications and inquiries are confidential.

Applications to go on a reality series.

To reveal to America that you are a sex addict.

Strictly confidential.


"We know the pressures young women like you are under," CW says on its Web site. "We want to explore how you cope and how you untangle the web of our double lives. Our hope is to get you to deal with your obsessions by confronting them and getting help."

CW further explains that participants will get free psychiatric advice, adding that "our production team has over 20 years of TV experience. We will treat your story, your family and friends with the utmost sensitivity and compassion, dignity and respect."

All this under the headline "Addicted . . . Obsessed . . . Confess."

But, this "sensitivity," "compassion," "dignity" and "respect" will not be afforded to just any sex addict or bulimic.

On no -- CW is looking specifically for sex addicts, bulimics and anorexics who are "by day . . . beautiful, talented and ambitious" and, naturally, "20-something," and who, by night, "give in to temptation, to the dark side of yourself," who "enjoy the duality and the excitement that accompanies your obsession, but you do know it's a dangerous game."

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